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IBC is an open-source protocol built by a global community of developers. The Interchain Foundation funds the core development teams, ensuring focused efforts on enhancing the protocol's robustness, security, and functionality.

The IBC Team at the Interchain Foundation are the stewards of the IBC Protocol. They maintain the IBC Protocol spec and ibc-go repositories, ensuring that ibc-go is the most feature-rich and reliable implementation of IBC.

The implementation of IBC in Rust (ibc-rs) and the Hermes relayer are maintained by Informal Systems. Strangelove maintains the Go relayer.

Other contributing organizations include Confio GmbH, Datachain, Bianjie, Polymer Labs, Composable Finance, Notional Ventures, Landslide Network, Cosmology, and Chorus One.

Dozens of other organizations & individuals also contribute to the protocol on a voluntary basis.

Feel like an organization is missing? Contact us to get added.

Security Policy

Please consult the HackerOne program page for the most up-to-date version of the policies governing security, vulnerability disclosures, and bug bounties.

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol
The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol is supported by the Interchain Foundation.
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