ibc-go v7.5.0 and v8.3.0: ICA Queries and Conditional Clients

Adi Ravi Raj
ibc-go v7.5.0 and v8.3.0 introduce two new features: Interchain Accounts (ICA) queries and conditional clients, respectively. 
Code Walkthrough

12 Myths & Realities about the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)

Mary McGilvray
The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) is one of the most widely adopted interoperability protocols globally. This post aims to dispel misconceptions about IBC and educate technical and non-technical users on its development and usage.
About IBC

Q1 Contributor Showcase: Ben From Union Labs

Adi Ravi Raj
The IBC Contributor Showcase shares the outstanding work of developers who contribute to IBC. Q1's winner is Ben Luelo, founding engineer at Union Labs.
Contributor Showcase

Comparative Analysis: Dissecting IBC and CCIP

Adi Ravi Raj
An in-depth comparison between IBC and CCIP, including architecture, security/trust assumptions, expressivity, speed, cost, and extensibility.
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IBC turns 3!

Adi Ravi Raj
In 3 years, the IBC Protocol has grown to 114 chains, $3B in monthly volume, and 8.8M transactions per month.
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Q1 2024 Developer Bulletin

Susannah Evans
Q1 2024 core protocol development updates from the teams building the IBC Protocol.

IBC Development Contributor Showcase

Mary McGilvray
The IBC Development Contributor Showcase shares the stories and work of developers who are instrumental to the development and expansion of the protocol.

Multi-Prover for IBC Connection: Enhancing Security with a Combination of SGX, MPC and ZKP

Daiki Ishikawa
TOKI developed an IBC-enabled cross-chain infrastructure that has now been adopted by the largest financial institution in Japan.
Guest Post

Introduction to ibc-rs, the IBC Implementation in Rust

Farhad Shabani
Built by Informal Systems, ibc-rs is a Rust library that serves as a robust implementation of IBC.
About IBC
Guest Post

Introducing Ibc-apps

MarkAnthony Vogel, Reece Williams
Maintained by Strangelove Labs, ibc-apps is a hub repository for discovering high-quality IBC applications built by diverse teams who power interchain IBC.
About IBC
Guest Post
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