Powering the Interchain

IBC is a blockchain interoperability protocol used by 110+ chains. It enables secure, permissionless, feature-rich cross-chain interactions.

Universal Interoperability

Chains that speak IBC can share any type of data as long as it's encoded in bytes, enabling the industry’s most feature-rich cross-chain interactions.

Permissionless Access

IBC is completely open-source: Anyone can build with IBC, and there’s no in-protocol rent extraction or hidden fees - ever.


IBC’s light client-based interoperability removes the need for a trusted third party in cross-chain interactions, securing tens of billions in annual value transfer without a single exploit since launch.

$30B+ in Annual Value Transfer


Token Transfers Annually



IBC: Build without Boundaries

Asynchronous Communication

Send data cross-chain and asynchronously receive receipt confirmations for adaptable workflows leveraging multiple smart contracts & applications.

Middleware Customization

Extend existing applications with flexible middleware, resulting in endless possibilities for your cross-chain workflow.

Interchain Accounts

Perform actions on a different chain without leaving the origin blockchain, meaning your users never leave your front-end.

Interchain Queries

Read state and verify data from other blockchains, enabling workflows harnessing information from the wider network.

Token Transfers

Send and receive fungible tokens and NFTs cross-chain without relying on third party trust assumptions.

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol
The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol is supported by the Interchain Foundation.
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