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In development

ICS-27 Interchain Accounts

Cross-chain account control
IBC Apps

Interchain Testing Framework

Testing framework for IBC, smart contracts, etc.


Go implementation of the IBC protocol. Includes ICS 02 - 24.
IBC Apps
Transport Layer

E2E Tests

E2E tests for IBC using Interchaintest framework

Callbacks Middleware

Middleware for smart contracts & modules with IBC

ICS-28 Cross-Chain Validation

CCV lets a provider chain provide security to a consumer chain(s).
IBC Apps

ICS-20 Token Transfers

Fungible token transfers over IBC
IBC Apps

ICS-29 Relayer Incentivization

Incentivize relayers on a per-channel basis

Localhost Client

Client to allow applications on one chain to communicate via the IBC interface
Light Client

Packet-Forward Middleware

Middleware for multi-hop transactions

Tendermint Client

Light client for chains using Tendermint/CometBFT consensus
Light Client

WASM Client

Use a Wasm VM to host light clients as bytecode.
Light Client


Implementation of ICS-31, Interchain Queries, using ABCI
IBC Apps


Interchain Stack smart contract platform in Rust
IBC Contracts


CosmWasm IBC NFT Transfer Module
IBC Apps

Go Relayer

Golang implementation of the IBC relayer
Transport Layer

Hermes Relayer

Rust implementation of the IBC relayer
Transport Layer


Rust implementation of the IBC protocol
Transport Layer
IBC Apps


Spin up simulated Interchain environments for custom E2E tests
The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol
The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol is supported by the Interchain Foundation.
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