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In development

Tendermint Client

Light client for chains using Tendermint/CometBFT consensus
Light Client

Localhost Client

Client to allow applications on one chain to communicate via the IBC interface
Light Client

Solo Machine Client

Allows token issuers to mint IBC-enabled tokens natively
Light Client

WASM Client

Use a Wasm VM to host light clients as bytecode.
Light Client

Hyperledger Fabric Client

Light client for Hyperledger Fabric IBC
Light Client

Avalanche Subnet IBC

Connect IBC to Avalanche
Transport Layer
Light Client


Light client for Polkadot's GRANDPA using Cosmwasm
Light Client

Corda Client

Light client for Corda IBC
Light Client

BEEFY Client

Light client to track chains with the BEEFY consensus algorithm
Light Client

Hyperledger Besu Client

Light client for Hyperledger Besu
Light Client

Tendermint X

Tendermint ZK light client for EVM
Light Client
The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol
The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol is supported by the Interchain Foundation.
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